Ending Technology Addiction

Today we are more connected, yet feel alone

Collin and Adam have been working to address technology addiction in their own ways. Collin founded Save the Kids a 501c(3) focused on educating families about the dangers of social media. He travels the country speaking to over 400,000 students and parents every year.

Adam founded Village after his family had a firsthand view of the harm social media can cause pre-teens and teens. Village is focused on providing healthy technology solutions, including Village social that is a kid-proof social app.

Why the Be Free Challenge

Collin refers to social media as cigarettes 2.0- both are addictive and harmful to users' well-being. While smoking may start with peer pressure, anyone who smokes has control over their decision to quit. The same can be said for quitting social media, but the reality is more complicated.

First, social media addresses one of the most fundamental human needs. We are social creatures that are hardwired to seek relationships and, at some level, social validation.

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