Be Free Pledge

I believe that technology is a tool that I choose when and how to use.

The pledge starts with a simple and powerful affirmation that you are in control.

The statement "technology is a tool" reinforces that your phone should serve your needs and make your life better. Smartphones have become embedded in our lives. Many of the apps that come pre-installed are tools. They include maps, calendars, tasks, weather trackers, a flashlight, and camera. Some of the apps we download are also tools: banking apps, work tools, recipes, etc. The majority of the apps on phones are really for entertainment, and are sometimes used for communication with other people.

The statement 'when and how' is another way of saying use technology intentionally. An intentional use would be 'I am going to spend 15 minutes checking in on my friends' even if it's for entertainment. An example of the opposite is when you get 'sucked into a feed.' Perhaps you open Facebook to see what a friend posted, but then you notice a red dot above your groups...what do you do? Do you need to see what's going on in the groups or not? This is where your phone can be less about you and more about addictive apps stealing little fragments of your time and attention.

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