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Teens unfiltered

You can do this!
KJ - 14 year old

My best friend and I are getting our whole friend group off snapchat, and hopefully we can make REAL memories instead of being motivated to do things so that everyone else can see and be jealous. We can act again like when we were kids, have real unfiltered fun.

13 year old

Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I've been following you and your stories for the past couple of months now. As a 13 year old in middle school, I have definitely seen the effects of smart phones. It honestly is ruining our lives and generation.

Ali - 15

You have motivated me to delete all social media accounts. I already got rid of Snapchat and now I'm going to get rid of Instagram. It's all just gross's not worth it! I'm going to enjoy my freedom!

Jordyn - High school senior

Since my Junior year Instagram and Snapchat have given me so much anxiety and depression because I would see all these people doing fun things and watch people looks so cute in their new clothes that I couldn't afford. And ya know what, you made me realize that I don't need any of those things. I've unfollowed 500 plus people on Instagram and took everyone off my Snapchat that wasn't family.

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