What types apps are NOT permitted in the challenge?

1. No apps with discovery or feeds (Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Amino, TikTok etc).
2. No app with streaks, followers, or likes.
3. No public broadcasting or messaging with people you don't know in real life.

Why are these type apps not allowed?

Lots of reasons, actually. First, the discovery and feed functions are highly addictive. They are always putting new content in front of you. It's the exact opposite of being intentional with how you use technology.

Second, streaks, followers, and likes are also addictive. But even worse, they cause you to have anxiety and stress over metrics that don't mean anything. A 'like' doesn't make you more connected with the other person.

Third, public broadcasting and socializing with people you don't know is often done to fill a void in close relationships. It's better to have and spend time with really good friends who care about you than it is to have hundreds or even thousands of digital 'friends.'

Why do you ask for my mobile number?

During the Be Free Challenge, we text a link ~one per day that has useful information for completing the challenge. Text is typically a more reliable and timely way to communicate these important messages. Your information will be kept confidential. You can opt out at any time by replying "stop."

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