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One week with no social media

About Be Free

Social media has created a toxic environment and is often used excessively, especially with kids. We believe that smartphones are useful tools, and so is social media, when used intentionally.

Be Free seeks to inspire people to enhance their wellbeing by following a balanced approach to smartphones. To help parents raise digital natives, Be Free offers:

We Help Students And Parents
To Be Free

Hours of lost time
Pressures of streaks, likes, and follows
Feeling exhausted

Be Free to...

Pursue your passions, IRL friendships, and what makes you happy

Be Free Challenge

How it works

Step 1. Take the challenge

One week with no social media. Challenge your friends and support each other! No apps with discovery, streaks, followers, broadcasting/content from strangers.


Step 2. Messages from your 'personal digital trainer'

Daily text messages will guide you through the challenge. They will include resources to learn about issues and step-by-step guides to be ready for the future.


Step 3. Take advantage of your free time

Reconnect with people and things that make you happy. Use the tools from Step 2 to confidently create a plan for the future.


Step 4. Take the Be Free Pledge

Stay free and commit to using your smartphone intentionally (including social media usage). Share your commitment to making the world a better place by taking the pledge.

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Be Free Challenge

One week digital detox
No social media
No social games

Be Free Pledge

Commit to keeping a happy balance