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Be Free Challenge

1 week no social media

Coming in November

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Our mission is
to end smartphone addiction

We believe smartphones are useful tools and so is social media when used intentionally. However, social media is designed to be addictive and distracts many people from being their best selves. The purpose of Be Free is to inspire people to focus on the people and things that matter in their life.

Be Free From...

Hours of lost time
Pressures of streaks, likes, and follows
Feeling exhausted
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Be Free to...

Pursue your passions, IRL friendships, and what makes you happy


Be Free Challenge

How it works

Step 1. Take the challenge

1 week no social media. Challenge your friends and support each other! No apps with discovery, streaks, followers, broadcasting/content from strangers.


Step 2. Daily messages to motivate and inform

Like your personal tech trainer. Daily text or email to guide you through the challenge. Includes resources to learn about issues and step-by-step guide to be ready for the future.


Step 3. Reflect & plan future smartphone usage

At the end of the week, reflect on how it felt being free of social media. Use the tools from Step 2 to confidently create a plan for using technology (including social media) intentionally.


Step 4. Take the Be Free Pledge

Share your commitment to making the world a better place by taking the pledge.

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Join the Be Free Movement

You're not alone!

Be Free Challenge

1 week digital detox
No social media
No social games

Be Free Pledge

Commit to use your smartphone intentionally.
‍Parents agree to monitor kids
Kids learn responsibility

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